Testimonials from some of our Clients

One of our core values is to make a difference and so we are very proud of the professional and personal impact that Platinum Leaders has had. Below is a sample of the feedback we have received.

” This is a course not only on how to approach leadership, but also life. It gives you skills and structure on dealing with people in a constructive and positive way even when performance issues need to be addressed. What a great feeling when you can cut through the crap and find the gold.”

Angus Kennard


“During my working career I have participated in different types of courses. This program is by far the best I have attended. It gives you the opportunity to actually try what you have learned and you see results almost immediately.”

Darren Simmons, Area Manager, NSW

“The Platinum Leaders leadership course has been the most valuable course I have undertaken. I learnt a lot about myself and have picked up skills that have helped me not only in my job but also in my private life. I truly believe that my recent success in my career can be attributed to the new skills taught by Platinum Leaders both in the class room and being prepared to use those skills in real life situations. If you truly want to learn new skills and are willing to improve your leadership style, take this course. It will challenge you, test you, make you think, but overall it will teach you new ways to deal with daily situations we all face and give you the skills and confidence to be a better leader.”

Gareth Vines, General Manager, SA

“I would love to see all our managers, especially my direct reports, go through this life changing experience. If they only get out of the course 50% of what I have, this would be a remarkable achievement for our company and the people who they come into contact with.”

Rob Machin, Area Manager, NSW

“Platinum Leaders brought to the surface my underlying strengths, though most importantly it enlightened me to my underlying weaknesses and gave me a chance to address these issues, issues that may well have been buried for many years. The course has made me a stronger, more decisive leader in business, and at the same time has had a huge impact on my personal life.”

Paul Mitchell, Branch Manager, Wagga Wagga

“The saying ‘no pain, no gain’ comes to mind. A very confronting and honest program.”

Gerry Pigot, Area Manager, Victoria

“The Platinum Leaders program is no walk in the park. It made me challenge my thinking, making me more self aware of how I operate, while giving me a common language to use with my team members. [Our facilitator] provided a tool for reflecting on my performance in dealing with any number of situations – very reluctantly I used it after an unproductive meeting and was surprised at how much insight it provided into the way I respond to situations.No top ten tips for becoming a high performing team. Instead, self awareness and shared insights to how our team operates, which are far more sustainable and ultimately satisfying, since it is us as individuals who put the work in to create a great team.”

Clare Everson, Corporate Partnerships Manager, Qld/NT

” The Platinum Leaders program has been incredibly valuable to me both personally and in the workplace. I’ve always found the sessions to be relevant, informative and fun and the learning concepts easily adaptable to everyday working and private life. Lenorë is an intelligent and engaging leader and facilitator. I truly think she is inspirational and I absolutely love our times together.”

Anne Long. Corporate Partnerships Manager, Northern NSW

” By far the most useful ‘training course’ I have taken part in so far in my career – I learnt heaps, not least about myself.  There are lots of ‘nuggets’ that have really stuck and I feel sure that this level of self knowledge will stand me in very good stead for future positions. I also found the deep learning groups brilliant – we developed a really supportive environment where I think everyone felt safe to try new things and make mistakes.  It was also a great way to get to form stronger links with colleagues I didn’t work with every day.  A simple idea, but very effective.”

Clare Garey, Corporate Partnerships Manager, NSW

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Lenorë and Platinum Leaders supported my Senior HR Team at George Weston Foods in rolling out a top shelf leadership experience for our Top 100 senior people across the 7 Divisions. It was cathartic and really got people to look at themselves and their roles in the context of the customer. It broke silos down between leaders across different parts of the business and created the idea of a greater GWF. People received very personal and somewhat challenging feedback, some for the first time in their careers. Most shifted their leadership profile positively as a result of the program and the coaching.


Lenorë is authentic, very knowledgeable, credible, strong and passionate about leaders, and the crucial role they play in high performance. She is an excellent facilitator and very results orientated. In no small part, due to her, many of the leaders to this day cite it as the most impactful thing they have ever done in their careers. I would highly recommend Lenore and Platinum Leaders.

Ian Cormack, Group Human Resources Director