Our core service is an intensive leadership development program that is structured to produce real improvement in leader behaviour. Our program is comprised of modules so it can be tailored easily to an organisation’s needs. We also offer leadership coaching.


The leadership program consists of three elements:

self awareness

clarity about your strengths and weaknesses as a leader and a learner


skill building

we build ‘competitive edge’ competencies that are both rare, and linked to performance, promotion and potential as a leader


bridging the gap

Using the learning experience to develop others, and to bridge the gap between the program and behaviour back on the job.

The class sessions are used as a real time learning experience. Small groups meet on the job between sessions to deepen and apply learning, coaching is used to support development, and leader behaviour is observed on the job to help with the transfer of learning. The program uses adult learning and action learning principles.

The full program consists of 12 facilitated days spread over 3-6 months however this is tailorable.