Our Edge

Our Edge

Platinum Leaders programs are different to most other leadership programs in the market. Here are some of the things we do differently:

  • Pre-qualify participants based on desire to learn
  • Small Deep Learning Groups (DLGs) that meet in-between sessions to continue and deepen learning
  • A deep look at underlying beliefs that drive ineffective leadership behaviours
  • “Getting real” with each other in the class room as a practice for the work place
  • Content spread out over time so that participants have time to absorb and use it
  • On-the-job application of concepts & techniques so that they transfer from the class room
  • In-house programs for cohorts from an organisation so that the change ‘sticks’
  • Self-monitoring of effort and achievement
  • Role modeling of desired behaviours by Facilitators
  • Practical skills training to apply to real teams


The main difference between Platinum Leaders’ programs and most other leadership development programs, is that they actually improve leader behaviour on the job. We know this because people who have not been on the program notice it. Indeed one observer (who did not participate in the program) remarked:

“What have you done to them? They’re different!”

We’d love to tell you more.