“Grow the love of life through the world of work.”


This may seem an unusual mission as it says nothing about profitability, revenue growth, “delivering business outcomes” or being the biggest or best at anything.

The reason for this is that mission statements are supposed to be inspiring big picture goals that can never really be ticked off as being finished. (Lots of businesses don’t get them right.)

No-one is really inspired by profit. It is a necessary element – like the air we breathe is necessary for life. Without it we have no organisation, so it’s an essential goal. However, just as breathing is a pretty un-inspirational goal for life, making profit is an un-inspirational goal for business life. It’s a necessary one, a critical one, but not an inspirational one.

Fortunately profitability, quality, productivity, staff retention and other desirable “business outcomes” are proven by-products of having inspired people….and leadership is about inspiring people!