Who we are

Platinum Leaders was founded by Lenorë Lambert in 2004.

The inspiration for the company came from Lenorë’s experience in the corporate world. She saw, and experienced first hand, the ripple effects of good and poor quality leadership – ripple effects that extend well into people’s lives both inside and outside of work.

Lenorë believes that the corporate world offers a large-scale opportunity to make a positive difference by increasing the good ripple effects from leadership and decreasing the destructive effects.

Lenorë is an Organisational Psychologist with significant experience in the business world. She drew from four primary experiences in creating Platinum Leaders:



Human Resources Director in a publicly listed company, Founder & Director of two private companies.


Organization Development and HR roles in the professional services sector.


External HR Consulting.


Business research at the University of Queensland.

Lenorë drew together her learning from these experiences, as well as her own developmental journey, to create the intensive Platinum Leaders programs which lead to observable changes in leader behaviour.