“There is no difference between becoming an effective leader and becoming a fully integrated, healthy human being.”

– Warren Bennis

What is leadership?

Inspiring hearts and minds to commit to a cause.

This is different to management, which is about getting things done….to standards and timeframes.

Can leadership skills be learnt?

Absolutely. But only if you have the courage to be real with yourself and others, and you’re committed to personal growth. However personal growth can be uncomfortable, so your desire for growth must be stronger than your desire for comfort.

How do the programs work?

Real change takes time. Our programs are conducted in-house only, which creates a new culture within the leadership team. They occur over 3-6 months and are based on experiential learning, both in the classroom and on the job.

Change the leaders, or change the leaders.

Culture has two causes: your leadership, and your processes.

But who decides on your processes? Your leaders.

Everything comes back to leadership.

  • Profitability  

  • Customer service

  • Quality

  • Brand


  • Staff turnover

  • Discretionary effort

  • Safety

  • Absenteeism

This is a course not only on how to approach leadership, but also life. It gives you skills and structure on dealing with people in a constructive and positive way even when performance issues need to be addressed. What a great feeling when you can cut through the crap and find the gold.        

Angus Kennard, CEO, Kennards Hire

The Mission of Platinum Leaders is

to grow the love of life through the world of work

This may seem an unusual mission as it says nothing about profitability, revenue growth, “delivering business outcomes” or being the biggest or best at anything.

The reason for this is that mission statements are supposed to be inspiring big picture goals that can never really be ticked off as being finished. (Lots of businesses don’t get them right.)

What it would look like if we achieved our mission

  • people love giving their best in their jobs
  • employers help grow the love of life within their people
  • that love of life spreads to our families, friends and communities

Our Values

  • Love of life
  • Learning
  • Honesty & integrity
  • Care
  • Courage
  • Making a positive difference
  • Rigour